I don’t have access to DRGR, where can I pull information on spending and accomplishments for my state, city, etc.?

Date Published: February 2015

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The DRGR Public Data Portal (“DRGR Public”) provides publicly available reports and data for all grantees reporting in DRGR. This information is available without special to the DRGR system or need for special data requests from HUD.

DRGR Public users can search for information about a specific area or Grantee by using the search tool available on the DRGR Public home page or in the top of navigation of all pages.

In addition, DRGR Public provides access to financial and performance data, which is available for download. A Data Download screen is accessible directly from the DRGR Public home page or from all pages by using the Program Data dropdown on the toolbar, as shown below.

View the location of the Select Program Data > Data Downloads link

Finally, DRGR Public provides a Data Visualization tool, which enables users to conduct an interactive data analysis across grantees and responsible organizations. The Data Visualization is an interactive data display that includes Total Budgets, Total Obligations, and disbursements of grant funds by States or Grantees.

View a screenshot of the Data Visualization page.

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