What can I do under the DRGR Reports tab?

Date Published: February 2015

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Reports provide a relatively quick and easy way of accessing the most up-to-date information in DRGR related to user accounts, obligations and drawdowns, report status, etc. All data in the Reports module is updated each night.

Reports can be useful for a number of reasons. DRGR users can:

  • Quickly check the status of documents (Action Plans & QPRs).
  • Troubleshoot common issues (e.g., user role issues) quickly and without the need to call for assistance.
  • Create and save reports based on the information most useful to you.
  • Use the "Subscribe" function to receive reports on a regular basis.

The Reports module is optional, and is set up for the benefit of DRGR users. Unlike the other modules in DRGR, a grantee may choose to never use it.

The Reports module is accessed from the DRGR main menu, and opens as a new browser window (Microstrategy). Users will find two folders of reports in the DRGR Grant Folder: Shared Reports and My Reports. Shared Reports contains folders and reports that are available for other DRGR users, whereas My Reports are specific to your account. Users can save their personal reports in My Reports. In addition a tool called My Subscriptions is shown, which allows users to manage reports they would like to receive on a periodic basis. 

View the My Subscriptions tool

Within the Shared Reports folder Microstrategy provides two categories of reports: Public and Standard.

Public Reports include interactive charts and graphs showing progress by grants, activity category or grantee projects, and contain any shared reports that can be accessed by all users.

Standard Reports include data files like spreadsheets used for tracking and quality control often containing data at the activity level. Standard reports are more commonly used by grantees. Within the Standard Reports folder, there are three categories of reports, summarized below:

  • Administrative Reports, which include:
    • User information
    • Action Plan/QPR status
  • Financial Reports, which include:
    • Budgets
    • Disbursements
    • Cumulative financial data
  • Performance Reports, which include:
    • Beneficiary Measures

Grantee users can download MS Excel or PDF versions of reports and can modify reports for further data sorting and analysis.

Common modifications users perform include:

  • Move and Sort Columns
  • Grouping Columns
  • Filtering Data

Please see additional Reports FAQs further information on modifying reports and working with the Microstrategy reports interface.

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