Where can I find DRGR information on other Grantees besides my own?

Date Published: February 2015

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The DRGR Public Data Portal (“DRGR Public”) provides publicly available reports and data for all grantees reporting in DRGR. This information is available without special to the DRGR system or need for special data requests from HUD.

DRGR Public users can access information on grantees, responsible organizations, grants, action plans, and performance reports. Data is available via dashboards where interactive data visualization tools enable users to view reports and data, at various aggregation levels, as well as download PDF, Excel, and CSV formatted files.

DRGR Public users can find Grantee information by using the search tool. The DRGR Public home page provides a search field that accepts either the partial or full organization name or full DUNS Number. The search field also appears in the top navigation of all pages.

Search results are shown as a list of matching Grantees and Responsible Organizations, as shown below.

View a screenshot of the Grantee and Responsible Organizations search tool.

Upon selecting a Grantee from the search results, the Grantee screen lists that organization’s grants and funding programs, grant award amount, action plan, performance reports, and a link to a list of associated responsible organizations.

DRGR Public provides additional information available such as reports and data downloads. 

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