What is a "Restricted Balance" Project?

Date Published: February 2015

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Funds that Grantees cannot access show up as the Restricted Balance project. Grantees can add Activities to this Project, but cannot draw on these Activities while they are assigned to Restricted Balance. Once activities have been approved under a published Action Plan/Amendment and reviewed (using the DRGR Action Plan Review Checklist) to determine that they capture all required information, DRGR Super Users (HUD) must reduce the budget in Restricted Balance by the amount approved.

See the View Project screen to find the Available for Project Budget and Restricted Balance rows.

In the View Project screen, any funds that have been unrestricted will show up in Available for Project Budget row. Grantees can use these funds to increase Project budgets and then add/edit Activity budgets using the Edit Activity page. Alternatively, users can leave Project budgets as-is and re-assign an Activity to a new Project using Adjust Project Budget, which automatically move the Activity Budget and increase the Project Budget where the Activity is assigned.

Tags: DRGR Action Plan - Adding/Editing Projects