How can the public access information in DRGR?

Date Published: February 2015

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Prior to DRGR release 7.10, the information managed by DRGR was shared with the public through several means:

  • Some members of the public were given view-only accounts to the DRGR application
  • On request, spreadsheets containing extracts of DRGR data would be manually generated and given to journalists
  • The publicly accessible OneCPD site would periodically host DRGR performance reports and action plans for the public to view

For DRGR release 7.10, the DRGR Public Data Portal (“DRGR Public”) was developed to provide an alternate way to give the public access to the data captured and managed in the DRGR application – one that does not require the public user to make any special access or file requests to HUD.

DRGR Public users can access information on grantees, responsible organizations, grants, action plans, and performance reports. Data is available via dashboards where interactive data visualization tools enable users to view reports and data at various aggregation levels, as well as download PDF, Excel, and CSV formatted files.

For more information about DRGR Public, go to https://drgr.hud.gov/public or see the DRGR Fact Sheet: Public Data Portal - Release 7.10.

View a screenshot of the DRGR Public Data Portal

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