What is a Project vs. an Activity in DRGR?

Date Published: February 2015

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View the differences between DRGR Projects and Activities.

As a grantee funds programs and makes subawards, there are a few reasons to list these as separate activities in DRGR: if they are administered by a different organization, if they meet a different national objective, if they represent different types of activity categories and if they are for multiple multifamily properties.

In DRGR, projects are groupings of these activities for tracking purposes. Projects may represent major types of programs funded in Action Plans and amendments such as housing, economic development or infrastructure for disaster recovery programs or the eligible use categories for NSP. In NSP those categories include 6 primary areas: (1) Financing Mechanisms, (2) Purchasing & Rehabilitation of residential property, (3) Land Banks, (4) Demolition, (5) Redevelopment of demolished and vacant property, and (6) Administration. In some cases, grantees may actually label items in published plans and amendments as ‘Activities’ that end up as “Projects’ in DRGR.

When grantees use the Project function correctly, DRGR will automatically track spending by project and summarize this at the top of each QPR. When this happens, it becomes much easier for the public to compare spending shown in QPRs to published plans and amendments.

In DRGR, grantees enter projects first and then enter activities.

Drawdowns can only occur at the Activity level.

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