Can I access other HUD CPD planning tools from DRGR?

Date Published: February 2015

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Yes. Beginning with DRGR Release 7.10, DRGR users who are authorized to access other CPD systems such as IDIS and HEROS can now do so from within DRGR, rather than navigating to a new website/URL.

On selection of the “CPD Systems Login” link, the system displays another browser window or tab (based on the configuration of the browser) with a profile selection page. The new window or tab will allow access to other HUD reporting systems based on the user’s authorization.

View the location of the "CPD Systems Login" link.

In addition, with DRGR Release 7.10, users can access their Consolidated Plan information (stored in IDIS) directly from DRGR. All users can search for Consolidated Plan information in the Action Plan module, using the "Lookup Consolidated Plans" link.

On selection of the link, users are displayed the "View Consolidated Plan" page that allows searching for the plan by filter criteria that includes Grantee Name, DUNS, State and Plan Types. Note that none of the data fields are required to search.

The search results display all the data sorted by State, Name and Plan Type. Note that the system only displays a maximum of 100 Consolidated Plan results, and therefore filter criteria may be helpful to narrow search results to display only relevant plans. The Consolidated Plans are downloaded by clicking the "Download File" link. The documents are typically in MS Word format.

View the location of the link to the "View Consolidated Plan" page

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