I am a CPD Representative or other HUD staff that accidentally approved a QPR before I was ready. How can I get it un-approved?

Date Published: February 2015

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Approved QPRs are locked from further editing by grantees or CPD Representative comments. If there are minor errors, grantees and CPD representatives may discuss the option of making corrections in future QPRs or entering notes in QPR progress narratives to explain these situations.

Only HQ Super Users can unapprove a QPR and change their status. If the CPD Representative just needs to add comments, the QPR status will need to be changed to "Submitted" status. If the grantee needs to make additional edits to the QPR, the status needs to be changed to "Rejected." The CPD representative should email DRGR_Help@hud.gov with the necessary user/grant information, explain the nature of the problem, and request a Super User assist with unapproving the appropriate QPR. 

Tags: DRGR QPR - HUD Review of QPRs