How do I report on NSP affordability periods after grant closeout?

Date Published: February 2015

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With grant programs such as NSP, grantees are still required to document the affordability periods for certain properties funded under the NSP program after closeout. Grantees must provide post-closeout data on addresses entered on performance reports on each individual QPR or across QPRs using the Maintain Addresses link at the top of the Add/Edit QPR index.

Grantees add this Support Info using a button titled Enter Data.

Select the "Enter Data" button to add Support Info.

Rather than moving addresses across activities for closed grants, Grantees provide required information on affordability periods as well as the Activity Type and National Objective for the end use of a property.

View the Required Address Info screen

Addresses needing support data on affordability might be entered in QPRs that are already approved by HUD. Since grantees cannot edit information in those QPRs, DRGR allows users to search for and edit addresses across all QPRs. The Maintain Address(es) link appears on the Add/Edit QPR page for each grant.

On the Add/Edit QPR page select the "Maintain Address(es)" link

See additional FAQs for more information on managing addresses.

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