What’s the best way to manage or edit address information previously entered in QPRs?

Date Published: February 2015

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Users can search for and edit addresses across all QPRs. A "Maintain Address(es)" link appears on each Add/Edit QPR page for each grant, which will allow users will to manage addresses across QPRs. 

On the Add/Edit QPR page select the "Maintain Address(es)" link.

The ability to edit addresses across all QPRs allows Grantees to remove duplicate addresses, improve the accuracy of addresses through geocoding, or provide other edits that would improve the quality of information for addresses. Grantees can scroll through all addresses or they can narrow the search for addresses to manage by using the search terms.

Once selecting an address using the checkbox, users will use the buttons available at the bottom of the Maintain Address screen. These buttons will allow editing, validating (geocoding), deleting, and moving an address across QPRs. Grantees can also add addresses and then use any of the other listed functions on the address once it has been saved. An example of the Add Address screen is shown below.

View the Add Address screen.

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