Where can I find more information about the data that is supposed to go on the Race and Ethnicity screens for the QPR?

Date Published: February 2015

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HUD programs are required to collect race and ethnicity for a variety of programs to ensure there is no discrimination in the provision of benefits. The HUD CPD Monitoring Handbook - 6509.2 REV-6 includes an FHEO monitoring exhibit for states and an FHEO monitoring exhibit for entitlement programs. Section B.5.b of the state checklist and Section B.4.b of the entitlement checklist reference HUD Form 27601 which should be gathered for each local activity that is funded by programs such as Disaster Recovery CDBG and NSP programs. This information would in turn be assembled by local programs based on the beneficiary form.

View the Race and Ethnic Data Reporting Form and the Edit Performance Report - Activity Page 1 screen.

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