What do I do if the project amount exceeds the total grant amount + Estimated PI/RL Funds?

Date Published: February 2015

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The Project Budget can erroneously exceed the Grant Amount when a DRGR user enters the Target Project Budget amount, and also checks the “Adjust Project Budget” radio button on the Edit Activity screen. When this data entry error is made by the user, the project budget(s) will inflate over the grant amount and prevent edits/adjustments to the project budget until the project budget is brought below the grant amount. The radio button was designed for moving activities and the respective activity budgets across projects, and should not be selected when moving funds to other activities within the same project.

View the Edit Project Budget screen.

To fix this, users can temporarily inflate the amount of Estimated PI/RL Funds on the Edit Action Plan page, make corrections to the project budgets and then deflate the Estimated PI/RLF on the Edit Action Plan page down to the correct level.

View how to make corrections to the project budgets on the Edit Action Plan screen.

Although project budgets show in the Edit Action Plan page and Microstrategy reports, neither of these will include projects that do not have activities assigned to them. These projects may still have project budgets that affect the totals being compared to the grant and estimated PI/RL funds. The best place to identify all project budgets is in the SEARCH PROJECT link. Users can then make sure all the project budgets are at the correct level.

Tags: DRGR Action Plan - Adding/Editing Projects