Can I correct performance data from prior QPRs in my current QPR?

Date Published: February 2015

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Incorrect performance data previously entered (individually or cumulatively) in QPRs may be corrected in the current QPR by what is called Prior Period Correction. Negative numbers may be used in the current QPR to make these corrections.

DRGR checks cumulative totals across all QPRs rather than only in the current quarter. DRGR will check the cumulative totals for total households from the race/ethnicity data and compare it to the cumulative totals by income level. Additionally, it checks cumulative totals by tenure and by housing unit.

If there is an inconsistency, DRGR will display an error message and a user must make prior-period corrections.

Error message example:

Cumulative sum of income levels for "Households - Total" must be equal to cumulative sum of "Owner – Total"

Prior period corrections should be completed by first determining the correct data that should appear in DRGR. Next determine and review the cumulative totals already entered in DRGR. This can be achieved by Viewing Cumulative Totals in the QPR (see screenshot below) or by using Perf Report 01 (actual and proposed accomplishments) and Perf Report 06 (FHEO data).

After this review is complete, the Grantee can determine what data needs to be entered in the current QPR to make appropriate adjustments – including negative numbers – to correct cumulative totals.

View Cumulative Totals.

An Excel spreadsheet is available to assist with Prior Period Corrections at: https://www.hudexchange.info/resource/124/drgr-beneficiaries-census-area-vs-direct-excel/ 

An example of a Prior Period Correction spreadsheet is below.

View a Prior Period Correction Spreadsheet.

In the spreadsheet example above, the housing unit data in yellow shows an example where 125 Housing Units were entered through prior QPR(s), but the grantee had not entered any data in DRGR for Single Family. To complete the correction for this data, if the grantee selected single family in the Action Plan during the last quarter and another 14 units were completed, they would enter 14 in Housing Units and 139 in Single Family Housing Units.

Grantees can also enter negative numbers in QPRs in different beneficiary data fields to correct previous data errors.

The Household results of the Prior Period Correction spreadsheet example above would be entered into the screen "Edit Performance Report - Activity Page 1 (&2)" as follows in the screenshot below. 

View how to enter Houshold results into the Performance Report - Activity Page 1

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