I am not seeing the performance measures available in the QPR for an activity. What do I need to do?

Date Published: February 2015

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Performance measure options show up as available for DRGR activities in the Action Plan based on the activity type selected. Not all of the standard measures available may apply to an activity. Performance measures show up in activities under QPRs based on:

  • The combination of type of activity types and benefit types selected in the DRGR Action Plan
  • Whether estimates or "0" was entered in for projected performance measures in the DRGR Action Plan

The activity type shows as a dropdown selection in Edit Activity – Page One on Action Plan screens. Benefit types and breakout categories for households (Rent and Own) and Housing Units (Single Family and Multifamily) show as checkboxes and radio buttons at the top of the page of performance measures. When these are checked or unchecked, it changes the beneficiary and housing measures that display below them. For example, MF and SF units only show up if housing units is selected.

If beneficiary measures and other performance measures do not show up in the QPR, it is likely due to Activity set up and grantees will have to go back to the DRGR Action Plans and make changes. Beneficiary data for area benefit activities only has to be entered in the DRGR Action Plan based on Census and survey methods. Wherever possible, grantees should enter projected numbers in all other measures they want to show as available for reporting accomplishments in the QPR.

View the beneficiary measures.


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