How do I move or re-assign Activities to other Projects?

Date Published: February 2015

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First, ensure that your Action Plan is not in Submitted Status - otherwise, you will not be able to edit Activities. 

If you want to edit an existing activity, you must first select the Action Plan. Click the Action Plan tab at the top of the page. You may need to click View All Action Plans to see the right one. Once you see the correct Action Plan, click on its status (this may be Original - In Progress, Modified, or Reviewed and Approved). Once inside the Action Plan, click on the Activity Number of the activity you want to edit. At the bottom of the Edit Activity - Page 1 page, look for the Select Project button and the optional Adjust Project Budget radio buttons underneath it.

Users should click the "Select Project" button. Search for the new project you want to assign the activity to. Once finished searching, click the radio button next to the project you want to choose. Click "Select Project" again - this will take you back to the "Edit Activity - Page 1" page. Click Save to complete the process.

Note: Only click the "Yes" radio button if you want to automatically increase the project budget where the activity is now being assigned and automatically decrease the project budget where it is being taken from. If users have already edited project budgets or know that they are at desired level, the button should be left on the default which is "No" so that project budgets remain unchanged. Selecting "Yes" when project budgets are already correct can result in the total of project budgets exceeding the amounts available under the grant and estimated program income. In extreme cases when this occurs, error messages may prevent further editing of the project budgets until the issue is resolved.

Grantees should only use these instructions when they want to move an activity to a different project, not when they just want to change their activity or project budgets. 

View the Edit Activity - Page 1 screen.

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