Is it possible to remove certain addresses from being displayed in Action Plans and QPR PDF downloads?

Date Published: February 2015

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Prior to DRGR Release 7.10, the system would display all addresses entered in the Action Plan or Performance Reports PDF downloads. The goal is for the DRGR system to be able to map accomplishments, and therefore privacy questions became an issue.

With DRGR Release 7.10, the system now allows for Grantees to classify which of the addresses entered in the system should be displayed on the PDF for Action Plan and Performance Reports. This action is performed by the user checking the "Visible on PDF?" Checkbox. 

View the Visible on PDF screen.

Only those addresses that are identified will display in the PDF download of the Action Plan and QPR. Note that in the example above, the second address was not identified to be Visible in the PDF, and therefore does not show in the PDF sample below.

View the address in the PDF download

When the DRGR system is able to map accomplishments, housing accomplishments will be mapped based on the center spot of the Census Tract Block Group, which will preserve anonymity.

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