When should performance measures and/or addresses be entered into the QPR (for example, when a property is acquired, sold, rehabbed, etc.)?

Date Published: February 2015

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Grantees report accomplishments in DRGR using Quarterly Performance Reports (QPR). An activity is not considered complete until it meets a National Objective and all Beneficiary/Accomplishment and financial information has been properly reported. As such, addresses and performance measures should only be reported in an activity in the QPR when the activity meets a National Objective, which is usually when a household signs a lease or takes title to the unit. 

The address should only be reported once per activity in the QPR. 

View how to add an address to the QPR.

Once addresses are added, select the addresses using the checkbox next to each address (or check all addresses using the Check All button and click the Validate Selected button.

Grantees can View Results of the address validation and then Accept.

View the address added and then click Accept.

If the address is accepted, the “Status” will be listed as 100% and users will be able to view the results on a map.

See the View Map Function.

A master report of addresses by activity and QPR begin date is available in the Reports module (Perf Rept03). This report is helpful in troubleshooting address data entry problems or showing the history of addresses across activities. 

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