How do I know when money from LOCCS will be deposited to my bank account?

Date Published: February 2015

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There is currently no way in DRGR for tracking when requested monies will be deposited to your organization's bank account. However, if you have seen no activity after 3-4 business days after DRGR shows the voucher has been processed, you may contact your local HUD CPD representative to find out the status of your payment.

Grantee users should use the View Voucher Line Item screen after they use the Search Voucher and Maintain links to check that the status of the line is Complete, the LOCCS pay code shows as Processed and that the LOCCS Confirmation is displayed with data in it. If it takes more than a week and your CPD Representative is unable to help, please send information about all the applicable Vouchers and line item #s to DRGR_Help@hud.gov. As always, screen shots always help expedite HUD and Technical Assistance provider efforts to troubleshoot an issue.

View Voucher Line Item Screen.

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