When I try to do a Drawdown for program funds, the Amount Available shows as $0. What could be causing this?

Date Published: February 2015

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One possible cause if $0 shows as available for a line item using program funds (or program income) is that the Grantee has not yet Obligated funds to an activity or the Obligation amount may need to be increased.

A second possible cause for $0 showing as the Available Amount for a Program Fund voucher line is that there are program income funds that must be spent first. In some cases, DRGR will prompt users to create a program income draw for the same activity and a grantee user may not notice that the fund type has been switched. If the available amount calculation does not look correct users should click on the amount to access the page that shows how the amount was calculated. If that information still does not look correct, they may need to correct receipts, prior PI draws, or make sure that all PI accounts or RLF projects are set up correctly.

Available Amount

The next page shows an example of the Calculated Available Amounts for draw for an Activity.

Calculated Available Amounts

Note: PI Available is calculated at the RLF and PI Account Level across activities; Program Funds Available is calculated within the activity based on total budgets, draws and PI availability.

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