What should I do if I have a rejected voucher in LOCCS (DRGR)?

Date Published: February 2015

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There are a number of reasons why your voucher may have been rejected by LOCCS. Normally LOCCS provides a rejection code – and reason and displays this in the View Voucher line item page. You can also use the Drawdown Voucher Line Item Status by Project - Grant Funds report to find the LOCCS code and reason.

NOTE: Once a voucher line item is rejected by LOCCS, no further action can be taken on that line item and a new voucher line item will have to be submitted after the issue has been diagnosed and resolved. Grantees should not resubmit before the issue is fixed since LOCCS will continue to reject line items until the problem has been resolved.

Two common reasons that occur when grants are first established are 1) that the grantee does not have banking information entered in LOCCS or 2) that there is a mismatch between the TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number) in LOCCS and the DRGR TIN. If banking information is the issue, CPD Representatives will need to contact the HUD Ft. Worth office and have the information entered. DRGR does not contain any banking information so having banking information for each grant in LOCCS and having TIN data match between LOCCS and DRGR are both critical to processing draws. Missing LOCCS bank information may even occur for a grant when grantees have more than one grant but the Ft. Worth CFO has not been notified realized they will be using the same banking information for the different grants.

For the TIN issue, the CPD rep should identify the TIN showing in LOCCS and compare it to the grant and/or grantee TIN listed in DRGR under "Grant Information". CPD Representatives can access grant information by clicking on the hyperlinked grant number in DRGR. If grantees or HUD staff are unable to find the TIN, they may contact HUD HQ staff using DRGR_Help@hud.gov. If your CPD Representative cannot identify the problem, information will be sent to staff who will be able to investigate the matter further.

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