What do I do if my voucher has a status of "Approved Pending HQ"?

Date Published: February 2015

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HUD sets a maximum daily threshold for draw requests in a voucher in DRGR. For example, the draw limit for NSP1 is $5 million. Once voucher line items exceed this threshold, DRGR will require an additional approval from HUD DRGR Administrators to complete the voucher. DRGR Administrators and other HUD staff may lower the threshold based on outstanding findings, concerns, or poor performance. Conversely, DRGR Administrators may raise the threshold upon request after reviewing support materials for successful performance of voucher submission and reviews by grantees and their CPD representatives.

For any voucher line item that shows the status "Approved Pending HQ", grantees must submit support documentation such as an invoice or purchase order.  These documents must provide sufficient detail to demonstrate that the DRGR draw request was created and reviewed by two separate staff persons at the grantee level, and approved in accordance with grantee procedures. For many grantees, the scanned support documents show initials or an actual signature plus dates of two separate staff persons. However, these do not have to be the same grantee staff persons that created and approved the voucher in DRGR. For other grantees whose financial reviews are totally automated, they may forward a printout from their accounting system that shows the approval trail and, usually, dates.  If the DRGR voucher line items do not match the amounts shown on the invoices, it may help to provide a table that shows how the voucher line item match with totals of smaller amounts that might show on each invoice page.

Email or fax the support documentation for the voucher line items to your CPD Representative and local DRGR Administrator(s). For Disaster Recovery CDBG grants (CDBG-DR), your CPD representative should contact Tennille Parker at HUD Headquarters on the approval of the draw request. For NSP, the HUD Headquarters contact is Ryan Flanery.

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