Who approves vouchers in DRGR?

Date Published: February 2015

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Only DRGR users with Draw Approve privileges can approve vouchers. Authorization to approve vouchers is granted based on user account requests submitted in DRGR by the grantee administrator and approved by HUD.

DRGR does not allow a Grantee user to both create/request and approve a voucher.  In addition, the voucher approval privileges should not be held by a contractor. User roles and actions are summarized in the chart below.

View User Roles and Actions Chart.

Approve Draw users should receive an automatic email from DRGR after a voucher is created and submitted (by Create Draw users).

To approve a created Voucher, the Draw Approvers should search for the voucher number and use the Maintain link in the Action column. This takes users to the Maintain Voucher page. Draw Approvers can then either select individual or all Voucher line items in the left column and then use the Approve Selected button at the bottom of the page or they can use the Approve link in the Action column to approve individual line items.

View Approve a Created Voucher Screen.

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