When creating a voucher, why can't I find an activity when searching for activities to draw against or why are some of my activities not listed when I search for them?

Date Published: February 2015

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One reason may be that the activity status in the DRGR Action Plan must be set as "Underway" to use that activity to create a voucher; the status of the activity cannot show as "Planned”, “Completed”, or “Cancelled".

Another reason why you may not find an activity during a search is that any activities that are blocked will not be listed in a search for activities to draw against. Some activities may be blocked even when the grant itself is not blocked.

To determine if an activity is blocked (either by the grantee or by HUD), find the activity in the Action Plan module. If the Activity is blocked, there will be a checkmark in the box next to Blocked by Grantee or Blocked/Restricted by HUD (see screenshot below).

Users should check with their grantee administrator to determine the nature or cause of the block if the Activity has been blocked by the Grantee; or their CPD representative for the nature or cause of the block if the Activity has been Blocked/Restricted by HUD.

View Blocked Activity Check Boxes.

Tags: DRGR Drawdown - Basic Voucher Functions