What do I need to do if I find my grant is blocked for draws?

Date Published: February 2015

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Draws can be blocked due to a variety of reasons. HUD may block drawdowns at the Grant level, which may occur at the initial set-up of the Action Plan.

View Blocked Drawdowns

In addition, HUD can block drawdowns at the Project level and HUD and Grantee Administrators may block drawdowns at the Activity level for programmatic or non-compliance issues.

HUD Super Users have the ability to set block drawdown dates at the project or activity level.  The project block date also applied to associated activities except if there is an exception at the activity level.  DRGR will also store/display block dates at the Project and Activity level.

The activity blocks and dates are displayed on the activity pages.

View Activity Blocks and Dates

The Activity Block Dates may be helpful for managing expenditure deadlines, especially for P.L. 113-2 Grantees that have two-year expenditure deadlines and multiple partial grant agreements.

Finally, Draws will be prevented for Activities set up under a Restricted Balance Project.

For draws blocked due to HUD block at the Grant, Project or Activity level or due to a Restricted Balance Project, contact your local CPD Representative for more information.

For draws blocked by the Grantee Administrator at the Activity level, the Grantee User should contact the System Administrator. The Grantee Administrator has the ability to unblock draws for the Activity if appropriate.

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