What is a Voucher in DRGR?

Date Published: February 2015

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A voucher is an electronic payment request that is sent from DRGR to the Line of Credit Control System or “LOCCS”. Each line item on the voucher is a payment request for work performed, goods purchased, or some other expenditure for a specific activity. A voucher can contain requests for activities from different grants; however, the grants must all have the same grantee.

Each voucher line item identifies not only the grant, grantee, activity, and funding source, but also the specific amount requested (drawdown amount), submission date, and a line item status. The line item status is updated by DRGR as the voucher moves through the drawdown process.

After a voucher is created and approved in DRGR, it is submitted to LOCCS for processing. Once LOCCS processes a voucher, it authorizes disbursement of the funds for approved line items.

Vouchers with Program Income selected as the Fund Type are not transacted through LOCCS.

Tags: DRGR Drawdown - Basic Voucher Functions