Why can't I obligate funds for an activity in DRGR?

Date Published: February 2015

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Grantee users may have difficulty obligating funds if they do not have draw rights or access to the applicable grant. To obligate funds for an activity in DRGR, a Grantee user must have 'draw rights' – either the ability to create/request a drawdown or approve a drawdown (no Grantee DRGR user can have both). Please note that these Draw roles are distinct from the Grantee Administrator role.

If the Grantee user already has a DRGR account but does not have these rights, the Grantee’s System Administrator may request an update to add a “Create” or “Approve” draw role in DRGR for HUD approval.

If you already have draw rights and still cannot obligate funds, check the status of the Activity to make sure it is listed as 'Under Way'.  If you cannot see a grant to take action on, please make sure your Grantee Administrator has authorized you for the grant.

Tags: DRGR Drawdown - Activity Obligations