How do I associate a responsible organization with a Project in DRGR?

Date Published: February 2015

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Associating a Responsible Organization with a Project is optional. Responsible Organizations are required, however, at the Activity level.

Grantees may select a Responsible Organization that they would like to associate with a project. This is done on the “Add Project” or “Edit Project” screens in the Action Plan module.

A Grantee may want to add a Responsible Organization at the Project level if its Projects are organized in such a way that a parent agency or organization is responsible for other organizations that will more directly administer individual activities. Examples of these could be state, county, or city agencies that have an RFP or RFQ for a major type of activity like economic development. The parent organization listed at the project level may (or may not) be responsible for monitoring and oversight of those organizations.

View the Edit Project screen.

Add a Responsible Organization at the Project level.

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