How do HUD users approve requests for new grantee accounts or changes/additions to user roles in DRGR?

Date Published: February 2015

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Note: This question and answer is for HUD users only.

All user requests require two sets of HUD authorizations:

  1. Supervisory approval
    • All Grantee requests are approved by either the CPD Rep or Field Office managers
    • HUD HQ/Field Office users are approved by the appropriate HUD managers (excluding the manager who made the request)
  2. HUD Headquarters Administrator activation

HUD users with approval rights have access to the Certify links under the Admin menu option to approve user requests. The approval of user requests is similar to the certification process.

View the "Certify" links under the "Admin" menu option

The certification page displays the list of users that require approval for new, modification or deactivation of users. Selecting the users and clicking on the appropriate Approve… button will approve the request. Note that there is not a rejection step.

Selecting the user and clicking the View Requested User button displays the View User Profile page.

View the "View Requested User" button

The View User profile displays the details of the request.

View the View User profile screen.

Once the user requests have been approved, HUDHQ Administrators are able to perform the following actions to activate the requests on the User Admin - Active and Inactive Users page:

  • Edit Requested User – allows modification to the user request and displays requested roles.
  • Generate ADP Request – generates an excel spreadsheet with requested user information. This is then sent to ADP security for processing and account creation.
  • Activate New User Request – activates the profile. After the request is processed via ADP, a HUD HQ Administrator will activate the new user profile. The requestor and the newly activated user are automatically notified via email. For new user requests, please coordinate with ADP Security to confirm that the new user accounts have been enabled in Site minder.
  • Deactivate User Change Request – deactivates the profile.

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