How do I add or edit Projects in DRGR?

Date Published: February 2015

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To add or edit Projects in DRGR, you must be in the Action Plan module. After you select this on the main navigation bar, you can go to the menu on the left side of the screen and click on the "Add Projects" link under Projects to display the Add Projects Screen. 

View the Add Projects screen.

Note: With DRGR Release 7.8, data uploads adding/editing Projects are now supported. Please see additional FAQs for further details.

Enter information in the appropriate fields on the screen about the project you are adding. Required fields are indicated with an asterisk. A dropdown menu displays the grant number under which the project is to be added. Required data fields are Project title, Project Number, Description (max 200 characters) and Project Budget Amount. Project budgets must include program income (if applicable) since activity budgets include program income. To accommodate this, grantees have to estimate the amount of program income expected over the life of the grant. This increases the total amount available for budgeting at the project and activity levels.

A checkbox has also been added to designate projects that are Revolving Loan Funds. This has an effect similar to program income accounts so that requirements to spend program income received under activities under the RLF project do not affect program income and grant funds draw requests for activities outside the RLF project. The main difference is that RLF projects can only have one activity type whereas this restriction does not apply to PI accounts.

Once Project data is entered click on the "Save" button to save the data entered in the DRGR system. Clicking on the "Cancel" button will cause the data to be lost and navigate you to the "Search Projects" screen.

Clicking in the "View" activities button will display the Project - View Activities page where you can view previously entered Activities associated with the project.

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