What actions can be taken in DRGR to help manage and track PL 113-2 grant expenditure deadlines? What is a HUD Block Drawdown date?

Date Published: February 2015

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HUD and Grantees have various roles and actions to take both in and outside of DRGR to ensure the two-year expenditure deadline specified by Public Law 113-2 is met.

Below is a chart which highlights Grantee and HUD actions to unblock the grant for the first time for the first grant agreement and associated two-year expenditure deadline.

View a chart highlighting the process for DRGR Initial Action Plan submittal and access to grant funds.

After HHQ verifies the Projects by ‘Round’ in the DRGR Action Plan correctly matches the amounts contained in the corresponding grant agreement, HHQ will enter a Drawdown Block date for those Projects and Activities. This analysis will be based primarily on Project and Activity Numbers (which must contain the Round of Funding i.e. “R1”) and an examination of information in the grant agreement. Once the Block Drawdown dates are updated, a Grantee will see a checkbox in the HUD Block sections of the Project and/or Activity profile and the block date listed (see below example).  Grantees will not be able to draw on projects and activities past the HUD Block Drawdown Date listed in the project/activity profiles.

View the HUD Block sections and checkboxes.

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