How do I submit a partial Action Plan to help meet CDBG-DR PL 113-2 expenditure deadlines?

Date Published: February 2015

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The most recent CDBG disaster recovery appropriation, Public Law 113-2 (enacted January 29, 2013), includes two-year expenditure deadlines associated with each Grant Agreement or (“Obligation”). To help meet this deadline, grantees under this appropriation may choose to submit partial Action Plans/Amendments. This allows grantees to budget a portion of the funds with the submission of the initial Action Plan.  Grant agreements will reflect the amount requested. As a result, the deadline for the requested amount will be associated with the date of the grant agreement that released the funding.

If submitting a partial Action Plan, Grantees will need to break projects and activities into Rounds.  For example, if a grantee expects to spend $780 million on Homeowner Assistance, but only $338 million will be made available under the partial Action Plan, it will create a project for Homeowner Assistance Round 1 with a $338 million budget. Budgets for Round 2 projects would be added after the second grant agreement is executed.

View an example of how to break projects and activities into Rounds.

All funds not yet obligated via a grant agreement will remain in the Restricted Balance project in DRGR.

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