How do I add a DRGR Action Plan for a grant?

Date Published: February 2015

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After selecting Action Plan from the main navigation bar, a screen titled "View All Action Plans" containing a table listing all Action Plans for your jurisdiction is generated showing the grant number, the status of the Action Plan, and a link to QPRs. Notice again that the cells of this table have active links that can take you to Action Plans and Quarterly Progress Reports from this page. DRGR Action Plans can be accessed by the links on the Action Plan Status in the row for that grant. Before an Action Plan has been added for a grant, this status will show as "Overdue."

See the View All Action Plans screen.

The "Add Action Plan Page 1" screen is displayed after you click the "Overdue" link. This screen enables an Action Plan to be created for a specific grant. The Add Action Plan process is comprised of two pages. The first page will ask you to confirm the grant number and grant amount is correct or select a different grant. Once you confirm that the grant number is correct you will be navigated to the second page of the Add Action Plan process ("Add Action Plan Page 2"), which will allow you to edit, add Activities, Save and Submit the Action Plan.

View the Add Action Plan Page 1 screen.

It is important for Grantees to work with their CPD representatives to ensure that DRGR Projects and Activities are set up in a way that will track required information for each grant appropriation (such as Disaster Recovery CDBG funds and NSP). Please note that the system will allow a Grantee to erroneously fund an ineligible activity. To avoid this, grants may start off with their funds blocked or restricted from drawdowns and your DRGR Action Plan will have to be approved before you will be able to submit a QPR in DRGR. Drawdowns are also made based on the Activities established in the DRGR Action Plan; however users are able to execute a drawdown before your Action Plan has been approved. If you feel your DRGR Action Plan is ready for draws, you should work closely with your CPD representative to ensure that your DRGR Projects and Activities are set up well so they can recommend funding be unblocked to allow Drawdowns.

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