How do I obligate funds to a specific address in DRGR? How do I attach an address to a specific draw?

Date Published: February 2015

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DRGR allows anyone with ‘create’ Voucher or ‘approve’ Voucher privileges to Obligate funds. Because Obligations and Draws occur at the Activity level and since multiple addresses may be associated with a single Activity, there is no specific address or property level tracking for Obligations or Draws in DRGR. In addition, the system itself does not check the Obligation/Draw amount per address nor addresses reported in the QPR. One exception may be multifamily properties which should be established as one property/address per Activity.

Grantees should only enter obligations meeting the requirements for the applicable grant appropriation. Note: there are significant differences in Obligation requirements between the Disaster Recover CDBG and NSP programs. Please contact your CPD Representative for questions regarding what constitutes an “Obligation”.

Tags: DRGR Drawdown - Activity Obligations