Are data uploads available for QPRs?

Date Published: February 2015

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A variety of QPR information can now be uploaded to DRGR. Grantee users can upload multiple activity records for each set of screens rather than having to manually input them one by one as DRGR requires currently. The system also provides support to create standardized templates. This opens the possibility that Grantees can distribute templates to the other agencies they fund for reporting purposes and assemble these files for uploading.

Users can upload the following information in the QPR:

  • Addresses (and Supporting Information)
  • Affordability Monitoring Data
  • Accomplishments
  • Expenditures
  • Progress Narrative

To upload QPR data, navigate to the QPR to be edited, and click Upload QPR Data.”

View how to upload QPR data.

As with other DRGR data uploads, the Data Upload screen allows users to select the Upload Type, download existing data via Microstrategy reports, view Upload Templates and Upload documents to the system. 

View the Upload Data screen.

Each of the DRGR uploads must be in CSV format only. Uploads must also have columns in the exact order below for uploads to be successfully processed with exact column names as well. Data must also match DRGR values for performance measure and category and must match DRGR data records for any data input by grantees. Grantees should click here to be directed to list of CSV templates. Upload templates are also located at: https://www.hudexchange.info/resource/3703/drgr-data-upload-templates/.

Users can also click Supporting Info to see what data is already entered per Upload Type. For example, selecting the QPR Address Upload Type and then selecting “Supporting Info” will download a file with all the existing addresses in the system.

Once the user has completed the template, they must upload the file by searching for the file in DRGR using the "Browse" button and clicking Upload button. After clicking Uploada new screen loads showing the status of the upload. The upload will be reported as successful, or with errors. Uploads with errors will not update the Action Plan. By clicking Download Upload Details,” a new excel file will download showing each line of data and the associated error messages. Errors can occur due to improper data syntax, if the QPR is not available for update (e.g. is in a “Submitted” status), or if accomplishments do not sum up correctly.

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