What do the statuses of the Action Plan and QPR documents mean and how do they relate to each other?

Date Published: February 2015

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Although DRGR Action Plans and QPRs are two different types of documents, both have the same status categories indicating whether actions are needed by the Grantee or HUD staff. When a Grantee first drafts an Action Plan, the status of the Action Plan will be shown in the system as "Original in Progress." When the Grantee submits the draft Action Plan for HUD review, the status of the action plan will then change to "Submitted - Await for Review." If HUD staff identified changes or corrections that need to be made to an Action Plan, they will reject the Action Plan and return it to the Grantee for editing. The status of the Action Plan will then be shown as "Rejected - Await for Modification."

Once “Rejected,” the Grantee can edit the Action Plan and make changes/corrections that have been requested by HUD staff. At this point, the Action Plan status will show "Modified - Resubmit when Ready." After the Action Plan has been reviewed by HUD staff and found to be acceptable, the status will then change to "Reviewed and Approved." Any time edits are made to the Action Plan, the status will change to “Modified - Resubmit When Ready.”

These same actions and sequence of steps apply to the Quarterly Performance Report (“QPR”).

The Action Plan must be in “Reviewed and Approved” status for QPR submission.

View how the Action Plan and QPR review process relate.

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