My activity budgets and obligations changed under Release 7.3 and I did not make edits? Why did this happen and what do I need to do?

Date Published: February 2015

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Under release 7.3 deployed in December 2011, Activity Budgets and Obligations will include program income so grantees only have to distinguish program income and program (grant) funds as sources during the creation of a voucher. Available amount calculations will be more interactive so grantees do not have to adjust activity budgets and obligations based on the type of funds being drawn. As part of DRGR release 7.3 and to improve the management of program income, data conversions were needed to accommodate the amount of program income and program activity draws under existing activities. The following table shows the types of data changes made by DRGR system administrators and what actions grantees need to take to increase budget amounts at different levels:

HUD Actions- Grantee Data updated as part of release:

Grantees will need to increase $ based on their own estimates

For All:


If PI and PF Draws > Oblig or Budgets


1) Grant level Estimated PI = Sum of Program Income Received on QPRs to Date

2)  Activity Obligation Amount = Sum of current Obligation Amount + PI Drawn to Date

3)  Activity Budget Amount = Sum of current Budget Amount + PI Drawn to Date

4)  Project Budget = Sum of current Budget + Sum of To-Date PI Drawn for all associated Activities

1) Update ESTIMATED PI for the grant on the EDIT ACTION PLAN page


2) Update ACTIVITY OBLIGATION page in the Drawdown Module

3) Update the ACTIVITY BUDGET on the EDIT ACTIVITY – PAGE ONE screen in the Action Plan Module

4) Update the PROJECT BUDGET in the EDIT PROJECT page in the Action Plan Module

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