Our contract effective date/obligation date/award date/contract end date fields are blank in our QPR. What should we do?

Date Published: February 2015

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The contract effective or contract start date is a required field in DRGR. In many cases, it is the date from LOCCS of the second signature of either the grantee or HUD.  This field is triggered when the first QPR is due. Please contact DRGR_Help@hud.gov if this field is blank.

The other date fields, such as obligation date (date of grantee signature), contract end date, and award date (date of HUD signature) are not required for DRGR to be able to function properly or for approval of the QPR. This information can only be entered by HUD HQ staff. The information can be submitted to DRGR_Help@hud.gov and will be entered as time permits.

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