Why am I getting error messages when uploading Action Plan data?

Date Published: February 2015

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Documents uploaded in DRGR must be in specific formats. Files must be in CSV format and uploads must also have columns in exact, specified order to be successfully processed with exact column names as well. Data must also match DRGR values for performance measure and category and must match DRGR data records for any data input by Grantees. Grantees can use the “click here” link on the Data Upload page to be access CSV templates, which will help users understand correct upload formatting. Upload templates are also located on the HUD Exchange DRGR Data Upload Templates page.

In addition to data formatting, all data included in the upload must follow DRGR rules for entry. This includes data access rights for specific DRGR user roles and DRGR “math rules”. For example, a user would not be able to upload a Grant Award Amount + Estimated PI/RL that is less than the sum of all Project budgets for the Grant.

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