How do I navigate through the different parts of DRGR?

Date Published: February 2015

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Navigating through different parts of DRGR

Every DRGR screen displays the Main Navigation Bar across the top of the screen. Users can access information by clicking one of the six menu items located at the top of the screen on the main navigation bar. Each item on the bar is called a “module”. The illustration below shows 6 modules for a grantee's DRGR: Admin, Action Plan, Drawdown, QPR, Reports, and Grants. Click on the Grants module at the top right of the Main Menu to see the View All Grants screen. The module and screen title should display just below the main navigation bar. The navigation links for the module will display in the left frame of the webpage. Help topics specific to the webpage can be access through the help link on the right side of the page and a main help index can be accessed through the help link in the left frame under the 'Utilities' title.

Main Navigation Bar vs. Module Links

It is important to remember that available links depend on which module you are in and the rights that were established when your DRGR account was set up. Only DRGR Grantee System Administrators will see certain Admin links. All Grantee users should be able to see Action Plan and QPR links; however, after DRGR Release 7.9, only authorized users will be able to submit the Action Plan and QPR for HUD review. All grantee users can also search vouchers, but only Grantees that are authorized to create or approve Vouchers can manage obligations or vouchers.

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