What are some key tips for using the DRGR system?

Date Published: February 2015

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There are a few simple tips you'll need to remember when navigating in the system:

  • Use Internet Explorer for the best functionality.
  • Activate “Compatibility” Mode in Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer 11 users may also need to adjust Developer Tool settings as follows:
    • Select “Developer Tools” in Internet Explorer settings
    • Select “Desktop” in the Browser Profile dropdown list
    • Select “Internet Explorer 7” in the User Agent String dropdown list
  • Never use the back button on the Web browser.
  • When exiting the program please remember to logout using the link on the left side. Note: If you close the system without logging out, you'll be locked out of the system for 30 minutes. If you still cannot get into the system, you will have to contact the DRGR system administrator at DRGR_Help@hud.gov and request a “session reset”.
  • If you are inactive in the system for 20 minutes or more the system will "time out" and your will lose any unsaved information entered. As such, please allow sufficient time to complete certain functions.
  • Remember to click the Save button frequently while working in the system. Save early, save often!
  • If you're working on an NSP grant the grant number will have an "N" in the 5th position.
  • If copying and pasting into DRGR, make sure the content has no tables, graphs, charts, or special formatting. Users should copy and paste from Word documents. However, documents cut and pasted from Word may have certain embedded formatting features not visible to the user. To avoid any alteration of the text, users must save Word documents as “text” files (“.txt.) prior to copying and pasting to DRGR. Saving to this file type should remove any special formatting that may not be compatible with the system.

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