How does the use of program income affect my activity budgets?

Date Published: February 2015

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Grantees must input an estimated amount of program income (PI) that is anticipated over the life of the grant on the Edit Action Plan screen, if any. With that estimate (at the grant level), the Project budgets and Activity budgets should also be updated to include any estimated program income that will be used in those Projects and Activities. It is important to note that Project and Activity budget adjustments for Program Income are not automatic – that is when an estimated amount of Program Income is entered at the grant level (in the Edit Action Plan screen), DRGR does not automatically update Project or Activity budgets. Instead Grantees must make these Project and Activity budget adjustments and resubmit the Action Plan for HUD approval. The budget for each Project and Activity is entered and displayed as a combined total of Program Funds (grant) and Program Income, but users are intentionally not asked to distinguish the amounts between the two.

If Grantees estimate Program Fund and Program Income needs for the program over the life of the grant and make associated budget adjustments, this should greatly reduce the need to edit and resubmit DRGR Action Plans for HUD approval.

Some grantees may feel uncomfortable inflating Project and Activity budgets if they only included grant fund amounts in their published program plans (e.g. Substantial Amendments). In such cases, users can always make notes in Project and Activity description narrative/text fields to describe the estimated Program Income portion of the budgets, when budgets were adjusted, and how the estimate was determined to better inform managers, HUD staff, and the public about how and why budgets have been increased.

Tags: DRGR Action Plan - Adding/Editing Activities