How can a grantee system administrator block drawdowns for an activity?

Date Published: February 2015

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Occasionally, it may be necessary at the Grantee level to prevent users from creating drawdowns for a specific activity. For example, a grantee's programmatic staff may have made findings against a subrecipient, but the financial staff may not be aware that there are issues requiring repayment or barring future payments. When this kind of situation occurs, Grantee Admin users can set a block on the activity, which will remain in effect until they unblock it.

Only the Grantee Administrator can block an Activity from Drawdowns. Drawdown blocks are done in the Action Plan module rather than the Drawdown module. The Action Plan containing the activity must have the status of Original - In Progress and the grant must be in Active status.  As long as the activity is blocked, when a grantee is creating a voucher,the blocked Activity will not appear in search results for creating a voucher.

In the Action Plan, the Block Drawdown option is located in the Add/Edit Activity screen, as shown below. Note: HUD may also Block Drawdowns for Activities.

View Block Drawdown Option on Edit Activity Screen.

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