What is required to drawdown grant funds for an activity in DRGR?

Date Published: February 2015

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Any user that needs to create draws must have that system role identified by HUD DRGR system administrators in their DRGR account setup. This can be done when the account is created or the account can be updated after authorization by the request from the Grantee Administrator and approval by appropriate CPD field staff. There are a few requirements for draws:

All draws are completed in DRGR at the activity level. Activities are added (and edited) in DRGR Action Plans. An Action Plan does not have to be in approved status to allow for draws.

Grantees may be blocked from making draws if: 1) they are first added into DRGR; 2) the CPD Rep has requested their grant be temporarily blocked until issues are resolved; 3) the local DRGR Grantee Administrator has blocked draws at the activity level; 4) the activity status is “cancelled”, “planned”, or “completed”; or 5) if HUD has placed blocks at the Project or Activity Level (i.e. P.L. 113-2 grantees have exceeded their two-year expenditure deadline).

In addition, any funds in the Restricted Balance Project cannot be drawn. Activities can be added at this time, but no draws will be allowed for Activities created under a Restricted Balance Project.

In order to draw, grantees with drawdown rights must use the Obligation screens in the drawdown module to commit funds to the activities. This is similar to the Funding Setup screens in IDIS. After grantees begin drawing down on the activity, DRGR will also calculate an Available Balance for draws based on the difference between the amounts of funds obligated for the activity and total of complete and pending draws.

Vouchers may include disbursements for more than one activity. The amount of the total drawdown that is created for each activity will show as a separate voucher Line Item. After drawdowns are created, a separate DRGR grantee user with approval authority must complete the drawdown process for each line item. Grantee approvers can approve any combination of line items under a voucher or approve them all. If vouchers exceed daily thresholds established by HUD, they may also require approval of the CPD representative. DRGR submits approved vouchers to LOCCS in a nightly batch.

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