How do I report on how much money a responsible/subordinate organization spends each quarter?

Date Published: February 2015

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Some financial information in the QPR will be automatically aggregated from the Drawdown and Action Plan module – see below.

View the Drawdown and Action Plan Module.

However, expenditure information must be entered in the QPR by the Grantee at the Activity level. Expenditures are distinguished from funds Drawn, as follows: “Drawn” means funds were drawn down from US Treasury to grantee bank accounts via the Drawdown module; “Expended” means the Grantee or Responsible/Subordinate Organization has paid for goods and services.

As shown below, Grantee users should identify expenditures for the Activity in the “QPR – Edit Performance Report – Activity” screen for each Responsible or Subordinate Organization that was setup in the DRGR Action Plan and associated with the Activity.

View the QPR - Edit Performance Report - Activity screen.


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