When do I need to resubmit my Action Plan?

Date Published: February 2015

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You will need to resubmit your Action Plan to your HUD CPD Representative if you make a change to your Action Plan, including adding Activities or changing the text in narrative fields. Action Plan status may even be changed to "Modified - Resubmit when Ready" if a user simply reviews activities in the system and saves without editing. You will not be able to submit QPRs until your Action Plan has been resubmitted and approved by your HUD CPD Rep. Based on this, HUD advises submitting DRGR Action Plans 30 days before QPRs are due, if possible, to allow time for review of any major changes. HUD staff cannot identify what information has been changed so email explaining changes or spreadsheets that list the nature of changes by Activity number can be helpful to expedite HUD reviews.

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