What are the key steps for working with a DRGR Action Plan?

Date Published: February 2015

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Action Plans are needed in DRGR to establish a list of Activities which Grantees will access their line of credit through Drawdowns. DRGR Action Plans can be updated when new Activities are identified in Action Plan amendments or as programs proceed through RFPs, RFQs, etc.

Your NSP Substantial Amendment or CDBG-Disaster Recovery Action Plan will be input in DRGR as an Action Plan. When users create an Action Plan in DRGR it establishes a template of information reporting in the QPR. The basic steps for adding a DRGR Action Plan include confirming the grant number, entering narrative on community-level needs, adding major program groupings in DRGR as Projects, and then adding Activities which will be assigned to these projects.

It is important to remember two key items for workflow and navigation in the Action Plan module. First, Project and Responsible Organizations must be entered before grantees add and edit Activities. This is because Grantees are required to select Projects and Responsible Organizations on the Add/Edit Activityscreens. Second, navigation is very different for adding and editing Projects and Responsible Organizations versus adding and editing Activities. Projects and Responsible Organizations can only be added and edited through the links on the left side of the screen under the title Action Plan. New Activities are added through a button on the main part of the Edit Action Plan page. Existing Activities are edited using links for the Activity numbers/titles. If only Project titles show, these can be easily expanded to show the activities under each project.

Note: with DRGR Release 7.8, users may now add and edit the Action Plans via Data Uploads. Please see additional Upload FAQs or “DRGR Fact Sheet: Data Uploads, Release 7.8”.

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