What can a quarterly performance report contain? Why don’t all activities show in every QPR?

Date Published: February 2015

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Once a DRGR Action Plan is submitted and approved, grantees must submit quarterly reports summarizing obligation, expenditures, drawdowns, and accomplishments for the activities identified in their DRGR Action Plan. DRGR will automatically include financial information for activities such as obligation updates or vouchers completed during a quarter, but all other information on activity accomplishments and activity progress narratives will be blank. Grantees have to enter this data manually or with DRGR Release 7.8 may upload this information. Please see additional FAQs for more information about QPR uploads or DRGR Fact Sheets for DRGR Releases 7.8 and 7.9.

DRGR will only populate activities in the QPR if: a) financial activity or occurred during the quarter; or b) if the grantee manually enters accomplishment data or a narrative, for example. If Grantees want activities with no obligation of draw activity for the reporting period to show in a QPR, they need to select each activity and either enter accomplishments or progress narrative. Grantees are not required to report on every activity every quarter, but it often helps for HUD staff and the public viewing QPRs to see a note in the QPR progress narrative explaining why activities are not progressing.

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