How does information flow and how are Modules related in DRGR?

Date Published: February 2015

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There are steps HUD and grantees take outside of DRGR and steps that are taken in DRGR. Grantees publish their Action Plans/Amendments for public participation and upon CPD Representative approval, input projects and activities into DRGR for drawdown and reporting purposes.

A. Grant and Activity Setup

Some of the key steps for grant and activity set-up include:

  1. HUD HQ staff load grant and grantee profiles into DRGR.
  2. Ft. Worth CFO staff load account information after the grant agreement is signed.
  3. Authorized Grantee Administrators request new user accounts with draw roles (or request draw roles for existing accounts) within the DRGR Admin Module. After the request is submitted, the system notifies HUD approvers with a receipt of the request.
  4. After DRGR accounts are created, DRGR Grantee Administrators must authorize access to each grant for all non-admin user accounts.
  5. DRGR Grantee users create a DRGR Action Plan by:
    1. Entering overall narratives into the Action Plan.
    2. Entering Projects to group Activities.
    3. Entering Activities and Performance Measures and assigning Activity(ies) to a Project.
  6. DRGR Grantee users submit the DRGR Action Plan once it is complete.
  7. HUD users review the DRGR Action Plan. If edits are needed, they reject the Action Plan so edits can be completed by the Grantee. If it is acceptable, they approve the Action Plan and it is used as a template for the Quarterly Performance Report (QPRs).

B. Activity Obligation and Drawdown

Authorized Grantee users can create and approve Vouchers to draw funds after Steps 1 through 5c are completed and Grantee users with draw authority have updated Activity Obligations in the Drawdown module. See “Module: Drawdown” for further guidance.

C. Reporting

DRGR will automatically include any Activities in QPRs if funds were drawn or obligated for that Activity during the report period. Grantee users create each DRGR QPR by:

  1. Adding the QPR for the upcoming due date;
  2. Entering the overall narrative to describe accomplishments across programs and Projects.
  3. Entering information on Activities with activity progress narratives, addresses assisted (as applicable), performance accomplishments and financial updates (i.e. expenditures and match);
  4. DRGR grantee users submit the QPR once it is complete. QPRs are generally due within 30 days after the end of each quarter, or as otherwise specified by the grant program.

View the DRGR Grant Lifecycle.

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