What is the Estimated PI/RLF on the Edit Action Plan page? What do I need to enter there?

Date Published: February 2015

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The Estimated PI/RLF field allows users to budget and draw from Program Income or Program Funds in an activity without repeatedly adjusting Activity Obligations and Budgets.

To budget Program Income and Program Funds at the Activity level, a Grantee must enter an estimated Program Income amount it expects to receive. The estimation is done at all three phases of the budgeting in DRGR: at the Grant Level, for Projects, and for Activities. These budgets should be re-evaluated periodically to ensure accuracy and to verify enough funds are available to accommodate Project and Activity budgets.

At the grant level, the Edit Action Plan screen shows the Grant Amount that has been automatically loaded into DRGR when the grant was originally entered into the system. Below that, Estimated PI/RL Funds is an editable field. The Total Budget line sums the Grant Amount and Estimated PI/RL Funds and provides the budget that the sum of the Project Budgets cannot exceed.

Note: PI/RLF funds should also be included in the Project and Activity budgets entered by the Grantee; however, there is no separate field to add estimated PI/RLF funds for Projects and Activities.

View where to find the Estimated PI/RL Funds on the Edit Action Plan page.

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