Why is part of my Action Plan or QPR missing or distorted and how can I fix it?

Date Published: February 2015

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Text that has been copied and pasted from other document sources to DRGR may not properly display in View, Download PDF, and/or HUD review screens for Action Plans and QPRs. The text may appear normal in the Edit version of screens that Grantees use, making it difficult to realize the issue when Grantees edit/enter text.

This can happen with any fields that show they can be formatted in DRGR, including community needs summaries such as Disaster Damage and Recovery Needs or Activity descriptions in the Action Plan. It can also include the Executive Summary progress narrative or Activity progress narratives in the QPRs. In many instances, the full text of the Action Plan and QPR will show in the print version, but not the view or review versions.

Text should never be copied and pasted from MS Word document files (.doc or .docx files) or other word processing software directly into DRGR since the document may have embedded html codes for paragraph or page returns that will not allow any text below this code to display.

There are a few key steps to fix the problem.

  • Check the View or Download PDF version of the Action Plan or QPR to identify the last text that displays properly. This will help identify which text needs to be corrected in the Edit screens.
  • Copy the text from the Edit screen to MS Word. Save the Word file as a text file (“.txt”).
  • Completely delete the text from the DRGR narrative field and save it as a blank entry (this is a key step: if this is not done, it is possible that while the text may be gone, there could still be hidden code in the field).
  • Copy the text from the MS Word text file to the narrative filed you're working on and save.
  • Now everyone should be able to edit and view the narrative field in the View, Download PDF and/or Review screens. If not, check narrative fields above or below the area edited to make sure the correct field was modified.

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